Our Cider


At Kentish Pip it all starts with apples. Woolton Farm produces more apples than anything else so it's where it all started from.

Kent is best known for growing dessert and culinary varieties which make up the majority of our orchards.  In addition to this we have three heritage bittersweet and bittersharp apple orchards which are essential to giving our cider it's unique character.

Key Varieties

Dessert: Cox, Discovery, Russet, Katy, Zari, Robjin

Bittersweet and Bittersharp: Yarlington Mill, Kingston Black, Dabinett, Crimson King, Medaille D'or, Broxwood Foxwhelp, Major, Browns, Stokes Red

Culinary: Bramley


After harvesting the fruit the second phase in developing our unique style and character is pressing, fermenting, maturing and blending the finished product, which all takes place on site at Woolton farm.

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